How The End Of The Quarter Can Impact Markets: PreMarket Prep Recap

On Wednesday’s PreMarket Prep, Joel Elconin, Dennis Dick and Spencer Israel discussed how window dressing on the last trading day of the quarter can impact markets.

“The definition of window dressing is that portfolio managers want to have the good companies in their portfolios and they don’t want to have the bad companies in their portfolio,” Dick said on the show.

“So what you typically see is that companies that have done well in the quarter typically get bought today, and companies that are doing poorly in the quarter typically get sold. And sometimes these can be turning points.”

Elconin also mentioned that in addition to any effects of the end of the second quarter, the market will also be watching Friday’s jobs number and the fact that Monday is a market holiday.

For the full discussion, click here or watch it at 22:40 in the clip below.

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Source: How The End Of The Quarter Can Impact Markets: PreMarket Prep Recap

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