If you’ve overslept recently it may be your phone’s fault – not yours

ANDROID users have complained about accidentally oversleeping due to problems with Google’s Clock app.

Android phones of all models are said to be affected including Samsung and Pixel devices.

AlamyUsers of the Google Clock app have been complaining that it doesn’t wake them up[/caption]

Google’s Clock app now has numerous negative reviews on the Google Play Store.

One frustrated user, called Alec Van Wagner, wrote: “This was my favourite alarm app for years.

“The last two weeks I have been late to school and work because it stopped working.

“I even set an alarm and sat there and watched for it to go off… all that happened was my phone screen turned on. […] No notification, nothing.”

Multiple reports have claimed that the app has a bug that is stopping alarms from ringing.

googleoff: all

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The problem seems to be with connecting the app to Spotify and using a song from there as an alarm.

Users have been advised to switch to a standard alarm from their device for now.

A Reddit thread titled ‘Did your Google Clock app alarm not go off? You are not alone’ is also full of complaints about the issue.

One user commented: “I thought I was going crazy because my alarms weren’t going off.”

Another said: “I knew it. Woke up unexpectedly late a couple days ago. Thankfully I’m working from home right now, had no meetings that morning and could catch up on missed time.”

Google is said to be working on a fix.

We have reached out to the tech giant for comment.

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Source: If you’ve overslept recently it may be your phone’s fault – not yours

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