Washington Goes Crazy With Talk Of UFOs, Alien Life

Every summer in Washington, D.C., the dog days arrive. Temperatures soar into the 100s in the nation’s capital, part of which was literally built in a swamp.

A little history: Constitution Avenue was once a canal, but by the 1850s, it was abandoned. Residents quickly turned it into an open sewer, filled with feces and garbage.

But the mess drew other disgusting things. Back then, the city “was known for various mosquitoes and all kinds of infectious diseases,” J.D. Dickey said in his book “Empire of Mud: The Secret History of Washington, D.C.”

The city soon became known as a hotspot for malaria, and in the late 1800s, a prominent doctor petitioned for a wire mosquito net as tall as the Washington Monument to be erected over the entire city.

So there have always been wacky ideas in Washington — and the dog days of summer seem to bring them out.

Right on schedule, Washington has gone wild with talk of space aliens and

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Source: Washington Goes Crazy With Talk Of UFOs, Alien Life

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